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Not just Bigger- Better! - Spotlight on Service - Laura Fraser, by Anastasia Anthony Zervos


Shortly after university, Laura Fraser moved to Vancouver. She began working in the hospitality industry. After a while, that industry changed and Laura lost her job.


Laura looked for new employment, and if you've ever done it yourself, you know it a long process, full of rejection. With time on her hands, and her spirits needing a lift, Laura, who had always wanted to volunteer, looked to that interest. More rejection. Organization after organization, made it so hard to join and serve. Most of them had very long wait lists for the privilege of volunteering.


Laura's roommate was a Beauty Night volunteer and suggested she join us. Expecting more rejection, Laura was relieved to find out that we really do take you as you are. If you are willing to serve and regardless of any special skills you may have, we would love to have you on our team!


That was several years ago. Laura eventually became one of our facilitators, and at present, is one of the leaders who is working to make a Beauty Night presence in the Valley. She is working to help us expand, slowly, strongly, sustainably. This is a growing organization and we do grow with our contributors in addition to providing them opportunities to grow.


Along the very same vein, very often, the women that we serve grow. Consider this. In her early days as a volunteer, Laura was serving at First United Church on the downtown east-side. A woman, who had come for beauty services, smiled at her and sat down for her foot rub. "You probably don't remember me", she said to Laura, and indeed, she did not. The woman went on, "When I first met you, I looked very different. I came in and you did my feet for me. I slept so well that night. That foot rub made me think of taking better care of myself. I've changed a lot since then. I am taking much better care of myself now. I'm doing a lot better."


How incredible! At Beauty Night, we know that we are helping improve lives; how rewarding to hear about it!


Laura, thank you for joining our organization and thank you for helping someone find personal dignity! How about you? Are you ready to change a life? Are you ready to grow along with us?