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February 23, 2017

Several of our Beauty Night graduates have been working directly with Smell This! Aromatherapy creating soy based candles and soaps infused with our Signature Dignity Essential Oils Blend. 100% of the proceeds of the products will go to support this project. Some of the costs including product materials, wages, marketing materials and marketing training for our participants. We are thrilled with the on going support from Smell This! They have been volunteers and supporting our cause since 2012! We are thrilled that they are supporting our cause.

February 23, 2017

Making a Difference: Long Time Supporter, First Time Volunteer

by Catherine Yeung

Volunteer, Catherine Yeung offers support and manicures at Beauty Night
Volunteer Catherine Yeung offers support and mini manicures to Beauty Night participants.

December 10, 2016

I began volunteering with Beauty Night Society at the head of this year.


I had wanted to volunteer with an organization for some time, but knew that I lacked the physical time for it. School, working full time, and demanding family responsibilities made it impossible, but I knew that season of my life would pass, as all things in life do. Everything comes to an end, whether forced or naturally.


November 29, 2016


Shortly after university, Laura Fraser moved to Vancouver. She began working in the hospitality industry. After a while, that industry changed and Laura lost her job.


Laura looked for new employment, and if you've ever done it yourself, you know it a long process, full of rejection. With time on her hands, and her spirits needing a lift, Laura, who had always wanted to volunteer, looked to that interest. More rejection. Organization after organization, made it so hard to join and serve. Most of them had very long wait lists for the privilege of volunteering.

November 08, 2016

I caught up with Joya earlier this week. She had been in Ecuador when I had originally tried to schedule an interview with her. When we did finally speak, I was struck by Joya's overall sincerity and transparency, as well as her empathy. What would eventually become clear to me, is that Joya acts on all of these qualities, in a very honest effort to help improve the lives of others.